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Opposing Wind Turbines in West Grey County

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Windfarm Action Group is a collection of like minded individuals who consider that large scale industrial wind farms are inefficient, horrendously expensive subsidy guzzlers and damaging to the economy. We make no apology that we are vehemently anti industrial scale wind or that we question the conclusions of the IPCC and EU on anthropogenic Climate Change. We consider that current EU controls in the Climate Act will make the UK uncompetitive in the world market and, in effect, bankrupt Scotland. We are however supportive of renewable industries when they are truly renewable and, most importantly, conservation of our resourses. With so much propaganda from authorised sources we simply are trying to inform and educate on the alternative view points. More technical detail will be available on our web site

Bitter, cold: anti-Wynne/wind turbine protest at Queen’s Park

People need to hear the real story.



Hundreds of people from rural Ontario piled into buses to Toronto, and on a freezing and windy February 24, gathered in front of the Ontario Legislative Building at Queen’s Park, and then at the Royal York Hotel, to protest against the Liberal’s Green Energy Act and to condemn Premier Kathleen Wynne’s continued cold-hearted proliferation of destructive, extremely harmful and utterly useless industrial wind turbines in the Ontario landscape. The monster machines have made life a special kind of hell for the people living in their midst, and represent a horrendous, possibly corrupt economic, environmental and fiscal Liberal boondoggle.

Urbanites should scroll down and take a good look at the faces of these brave people whose communities are being turned into industrial wind factories, and whose health, livelihood, quality of life, community harmony, wildlife, environment, and property values are being systematically destroyed.

Meanwhile, electricity costs are going through the roof and will…

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