The only truthful portion in it is the first sentence.

ontario wind turbines

This letter was issued from Ontario’s then Minister of the Environment Jim Bradley responding to a resident in distress. The only truthful portion in it is the first sentence.  You have to ask yourself what kind of government authority must rely on celebrities to validate their process. As if mentioning Al Gore and David Suzuki would legitimize the awful harm to families. (And of course he brings up Dr. King’s phony review.)

Yup…this what we have to deal with, year after year….PS Ontario had exactly 4 “dirty” coal fired plants but there are hundreds ringing the province south of the border. As if this would have made a dent in Ontarios’ air quality. GMAB.

Thank you for your e-mail about wind turbines and an announcement by Health Canada about a two-year wind turbine noise and health study.

Experts such as David Suzuki and Al Gore agree the Green Energy Act is…

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