Ostrander Point ERT in Demorestville Day 3

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.

October 30, 2015

Ostrander Point ERT in Demorestville Day 3

The ERT re-convened at 10 am today at Demorestville Town Hall.  After much procedural wrangling about the documents that were disclosed by Karen Bellamy finally Ms. Bellamy’s cross examination was begun in the late morning. There was a discussion about how to deal with the vast amount of material that had been disclosed.  Normally each item would be entered as an exhibit as it was discussed with the witness, but this was deemed to be a cumbersome method in this case.  It was decided to get started and see how things went.  Mr. Wright was quite insistent that it was necessary to get on with the cross examination. Eric Gillespie started through the 1500 documents that were disclosed.  Most of the information that Eric was taking Ms. Bellamy to was about the process of how the Endangered Species Act was…

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