Senator supports BigWind, but fails to ask right question


This story is, frankly, one of the saddest that I have read, recently. Why? Because it shows the absolute lack of critical thinking skills amongst those that we vote into power. Legislators were ‘wowed’ by Denmark’s support of BigWind, no doubt they were wined & dined by other elitists and policy makers from Denmark…maybe even Vestas, since it is their headquarters.  The Americans failed to ask this important question: With such tremendous support given to BigWind, with more turbines per capita than ANYWHERE else in the world, what are your electric rates? The answer is not pretty. The average Denmark citizen pays more than $0.40/kWh….WOW. Look at YOUR BILL- it will probably be less than 1/3 of this rate. In fact, Denmark boasts some of, if not, THE highest rates on the planet…. 

…Pacheco added that wind power is cheap. “Once you pay for the capital investment, the fuel is…

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