Have you heard the one about infrasound?


This is no joke!

Was it some sophisticated listening technology or the peer pressure which enabled a group of four acoustic experts to hear the pressure waves? 

The investigation was conducted without the co-operation of the windfarm operator at Duke Energy’s problematic Shirley Wind project in early December. It was at the behest of environmental lobby group Clean Wisconsin, but thanks to the intervention of attorneys Anne Bensky and Peter McKeever for the citizen’s group Forest Voice and attorney Glenn Reynolds for the Town of Forest it was decided that instead of relying solely on wind industry and Wisconsin Public Service Commission favourites, Hessler Associates Inc., the noise testing included independent acoustics experts, Dr. Bruce Walker (Channel Islands Acoustics), Dr. Paul Schomer (Schomer and Associates Inc.) and with experience measuring infrasound inside homes, Robert Rand (Rand Acoustics) funded independent of the PSC by the people of Forest, Wisconsin, who also engaged Richard James, to provide additional analysis testimony on the testing results..    

Three subject homes, at…

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