You Must Be Joking, Mr. Kelly!!

The Law is my Oyster

monster turbinesThe Independent reported on 25 May 2015 that the Labour Party parliamentary party will this week debate proposals to introduce new restrictions on the development of wind turbines close to people’s homes. Apparently Labour TDs and senators are demanding changes in “set-back distances” and the introduction of a cap on the size of turbines.

“Environment Minister Alan Kelly is understood to be considering plans to increase the distance required between homes and turbines from 500m to 700m.”

There are two things very wrong with this statement. Firstly, 200 extra metres will not make any difference at all to the nearby residents’ health and quality of life. Secondly, the debate on setback distances conveniently avoids the more important debate as to whether we need wind farms at all, given the dramatic over-supply of these monsters already, and the undue emphasis placed on wind-energy to the detriment of other renewable energy sources…

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