Ontario Government has cost us $109,000,000,000.00 with their destructive Green Energy Act!!!

The Big Green Lie

Scandals aside, 1 billion here with Gas Plants, 1 billion there with their E Health and ORNGE and OLG cock ups, which may now be considered “chump change” here is the biggest expense that you won’t hear addressed with Wynne;s by-elections now in full swing in 5 ridings. The Green Energy RIP OFF!

How much longer Ontarians can live with this kind of mismanagement of their hard earned dollars makes one wonder if every citizen of this Province should have a mental exam to see if there is any reality left in people’s thinking processes when the word “politician” is mentioned!

109 BILLION Dollars is a lot of Health coverage, education and infrastructure investment……………..something sorely lacking today in this once great Province!

And you wonder why?

Ontario Liberals: 10 years of Mismanagement of the Energy Portfolio

At the advent of the five (5) by-elections in Ontario and as we close…

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