1st windfarm without subsidies

World Council for Nature

Cordal de Montouto inauguration - Galicia

The full extent of the windfarm scam comes to light

Yesterday was inaugurated in Spain the first wind farm that will operate without subsidies (1). In windy areas onshore, wind turbines are competitive with fossil fuel power plants – not counting external costs like new power lines, grid upgrading and back- up power. But as these costs are borne by the consumer, from a promoter’s point of view there is money to be made.

In the case of Galicia, 800 million euros will be invested in four reversible hydro-electrical plants (to store the electricity produced by wind farms when not needed): Belesar III, Os Peares III, Salas-Conchas and Edrada-San Estevo. And the coal-fired power plant of Meirama will be upgraded to be used as further back up.

The Cordal de Montouto project, in the State of Galicia, became operative on March 18th. It is owned by Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF)…

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