Why So Many Rural Ontarians Can’t Stand Wind Power (The Agenda)

Quixotes Last Stand

Well, this article had me nodding in agreement for the first half of it, until they got to the “main” reason rural residents  oppose wind farms, which is supposedly because there’s no monetary benefit in it for them.  *sigh*  Here we go with that bullshit again.

I have yet to hear any of the people who have had to abandon their homes due to family members getting sick say, “Gee, if only we got a reduction on our hydro bill, then it would make the fact that we haven’t had a decent nights sleep in 2 years okay.” — DQ


John Michael McGrath — The Agenda — March 26, 2015

When it comes to wind power in Ontario, it seems the closer you live to the wind power production, the less likely you are to like it.

Rural Ontarians have turned their backs on the Liberal government that has…

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