Are windfarms safe?

The Law is my Oyster

burning turbine

There is an old joke where a young lad asks “Grandad, did you have health and safety in your day?” to which grandad replies, “Of course. It was called common sense”.

There is a lot of truth in that joke. Essentially health and safety is about common sense, and part of the reason that the law and practice surrounding health and safety is the subject of so much ridicule is because what should be an exercise in common sense is often taken to silly levels which either assume we are all completely stupid, or recognises the fact that we are all completely stupid.

Common sense says we need to be able to recognise what factors contribute to safe and healthy working environments. Once these factors are identified, systems must be introduced to ensure that these factors are present to eradicate or at least control identified hazards.

The Safety, Health and…

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