There’s NO place for Wind Farms: Even Where the Streets Have No Name


Australian Desert - A fragile ecosystem Australian Desert. There’s no place for giant fans in fragile
ecosystems like this; or anywhere else, for that matter.

Talk about “safe” setback distances for wind turbines is nonsense that only panders to the wind industry and its well-oiled and highly paid propaganda machine.

There is NO place for giant wind turbines ANYWHERE.

They are NOT fit for purpose ANYWHERE.

Because wind power can’t be delivered “on-demand” (can’t be stored) and is only “available” at crazy, random intervals (if at all) wind power will never be a substitute for conventional generation sources (see our post here). Accordingly, wind power is simply incapable of reducing CO2 emissions in the electricity sector (see our post here).

The wind industry has never produced a shred of evidence to show that wind power has reduced CO2 emissions in Australia’s electricity sector (or anywhere, for that matter). To the…

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