U.S. — Gone With The Wind: Resistance to Bird-killing Turbines is Growing (with some success)

Quixotes Last Stand

Bonner Cohen — Daily Caller — October 30, 2014

The natives are restless, and their ire is directed against an intruder armed with taxpayer subsidies and intent on destroying as much scenic beauty and wildlife as it can get away with.

Across the country, giant wind farms, among the ghastliest monstrosities ever devised by man, are scarring the countryside in the name of providing renewable energy. But as the toll of slaughtered birds and bats mounts, people are fighting back. Here’s an update:

Minnesota: Not even the heft of Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens could overcome the resistance of conservationists and ordinary citizens to the construction of a 48-turbine wind farm near Red Wing, 25 miles southeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The proposed wind facility would be located on the Mississippi River Flyway, which is prime habitat for bald eagles and a variety of other birds as well as bats.


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